1. October 3, 2017 – Regular Board Meeting




  1. Approval of payment of processed invoices.


  1. Approval of Subterranean Termite Control Contract and Limited Warranty with Live Oak Pest Control, Inc. for Airport Terminal.


  1. Approval of a Work Site Agreement with the Department of Corrections and Public Service Agency.  


  1. Approval of Change Order with V.E. Whitehurst & Sons, Inc. for work associated with resurfacing of 180th Street. Budget Impact: Funded by FDOT.


  1. Approval of MapFlex Upgrade as a sole source and authorization of payment to AK Associates in the amount of $20,744.40. Budget Impact: 911 Addressing carry forward.


  1. Approval of revised agreement with Suwannee County Fire Rescue and EMS Management and Consultants Group.


  1. Approval of resolution associated with lease purchase agreement for budgeted equipment in Road Department.


  1. Approval of Addendum One to Interlocal Agreement with Town of Branford regarding $50,000 payment for recreational purposes.




  1. Adoption of Resolution proclaiming the week of October 16 – 21, 2017 “Working Forest Week”.  (Paul Williams, Senior Forester, Florida Forest Service).





  1. Katherine Allen, UF/IFAS Suwannee County Extension Director



  1. Discuss, with possible Board action, Business Incentive Grant application by The Works. (Alvin Jackson, Economic Development Director)


  1. Discuss, with possible Board action, extension of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Moratorium for an additional three months. (James Prevatt, County Attorney)


  1. Discuss, with possible Board action, purchase of knuckle boom truck, included in the budget. (Randy Harris, County Administrator)


  1. Discuss, with possible Board action, award of bid and authorize execution of contract for US 90 four lane extension (turn lanes) from 175th Road to I-10/SR10, pending FDOT concurrence.  (Randy Harris, County Administrator)


  1. Additional Agenda Items. The Chairman calls for additional items.


  1. Public Concerns and Comments.  (Filling out of Comment Card required, and forward to

Chairman or County Administrator. Individual speakers from the audience will be allowed three (3) minutes and a single representative or spokesperson will be allowed seven (7) minutes to speak following recognition by the Chairman and must speak from the podium – one (1) trip to podium.)


  1. Administrator’s comments and information.


  1. Board Members Inquiries, Requests and Comments.




  1. Proposed amendment to the City of Live Oak Community Redevelopment Agency Plan.

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