Approval of payment of processed invoices.

Approval of revised Suwannee County Local Housing Assistance Plan (LHAP) adding the strategy for Demolition / Reconstruction, and adoption of enabling Resolution.

Approval of annual Certification of Resolution (2017) and adoption of Agreement (2017) for Section 125 Premium Only Plan. (Cafeteria Plan)

Approval of Change Order with Music Construction, Inc. for work associated with Perimeter Road. Funded by FDOT.

Adoption of Resolution and authorization for Chairman to execute the Second Amendment to Loan Agreement with First Federal.

Authorization allowing the IT Department to contract with Defero Network Solutions, Inc to develop and implement an organizational security policy framework which would incorporate the findings from the Information Technology Security Assessment. Cost would not exceed $1,875. Funding would be from the IT reserves (Technology Upgrades).

Authorization to add a line to Road Department budget for purchase of geotextile fabric to be used for sinkhole repair.

Request permission to close all branches of the Suwannee River Regional Library System on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 for Staff Development Day.

Authorization to advertise for bids for an electronic sign for library. Budget Impact: funds for this automation upgrade were approved in the 2016 budget.


11. Discuss, with possible board action, various issues associated with the Suwannee County
Museum Association and the Suwannee County Historical Commission.


12. Betty Lawrence, Director of Libraries


13. Discuss additional information requested at budget workshop. (Various Departments)

14. General discussion regarding candidate projects to be added to the Capital Improvement Plan. “Action will be required at a later date.” (Randy Harris, County Administrator)

15. Additional Agenda Items. The Chairman calls for additional items.

16. Public Concerns and Comments. (Filling out of Comment Card required, and forward to
Chairman or County Administrator. Individual speakers from the audience will be allowed three (3) minutes and a single representative or spokesperson will be allowed seven (7) minutes to speak following recognition by the Chairman and must speak from the podium – one (1) trip to podium.)

17. Administrator’s comments and information.

18. Board Members Inquiries, Requests and Comments.

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