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    The Board of County Commissioners is the primary legislative and policy-making body for Suwannee County. Each commissioner represents one of the five districts in which they reside. They are elected by all county voters to serve a four-year term. The board elects a chairman and vice-chairman each year.

    The commission meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Judicial Annex Building (218 Parshley Street Southwest, Live Oak). During these public meetings, commissioners hear and vote on a variety of issues. Whether enacting ordinances and resolutions or approving budgets and expenditures, this board has the responsibility to provide for the safety and welfare of all Suwannee County residents.

    The Board of County Commissioners' overall operating budget includes the county administrator,12 departments and offices which is funded through General County Ad Valorem taxes and other revenue sources. Ad Valorem taxes are also used to fund the elected constitutional officers, state-mandated programs such as Medicaid and various other programs. To have items placed on the agenda Please call Mandy McDonald at 386-364-3400. Be prepared to state what you want to discuss with the board and what action you would like the board to take. The deadline for submitting items on the agenda and furnishing documents is one week and a day before the meeting by 5 p.m. (example meeting on May 21, 2013, due on May 13, 2013 by 5 p.m.)

    The official records custodian is Eric Musgrove, phone number 386-362-0564, email address

    Don Hale - District 1
    Larry Sessions - District 4
    Ronald Richardson - District 5
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